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What is this
Microsoft .Net framework doesn't support to print any document from a specific printer, for this purpose you can use full managed DocumentPrinter class to realize your printing job.

  • DocumentPrinter.Net supports as, asa, asax, ascx, asp, aspx, bat, bmp, c, cpp, cs, css, csv, dtd, gif, htm, html, inf, ini, jpg, js, pdf, php, png, prn, sql, tif, txt, vb, vbs, xaml, xls, xlsx, xml, xsd file.
  • As a default, print documents from default printer but you can change the target printer to printing out.
  • Assigning to UniqueID you can accomplish to operate database operations by using OnAfterSendPrinter event.
  • Reports all printers from running computer with their common properties.

Basic Usage
Add UniversalPrinter.dll to your project references to begin using.

using (DocumentPrinter objPrint = new DocumentPrinter())

that's it, easy and simple. For more usage options see documentation pages.

  • Support for .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx format.
  • Run with Office 2000 client.

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